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Certified Energy offers large consumers of electricity, natural gas and fuel oil such as commercial property owners and operators, retail establishments, hotels and schools a valuable energy supply consultation program.


Certified Energy continually studies several available electricity, natural gas and fuel oil supply alternatives in deregulated markets throughout the United States to help find the best energy supply deals for our customers at any given moment.

We have several products we can recommend, such as a contract which features an all-inclusive fixed price per kWh, (electricity), for a term up to five years. That particular type of product available from a number of competitive power providers enables effective and reliable budgeting for customers.


As a result of these and other energy supply contracts we have recommended and helped negotiate across the United States, our customers have seen substantial savings - between 5% and 30% of the market supply portion of the total energy costs.


“Certified Energy renegotiated our energy contract with our Current Retail Provider and saved our organization $775,500 dollars annually. ”  
Chris Ginter, Chief Financial Officer


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