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When working with Certified Energy, you will find that our #1 priority is saving money for our customers. We are committed to gathering the necessary data to pair your commercial or residential property with a reliable Retail Electric Provider (REP).

Who is Certified Energy?


An energy-consulting firm that has helped thousands of customers across multiple sectors and various sizes reduce their energy costs. Every customer is specialized. Every business has different energy requirements. Every individual requires a customized solution. Our Energy Advisers have the experience and information to understand and analyze your specific needs and provide unique answers for your business. Certified Energy provides solutions for large, mid-sized, and small businesses across all sectors. Some of our business clients are city municipalities, school districts, community organizations, real estate groups, hotels, and industries. We continue to make strides amongst residential customers and have negotiated the best rates amongst some of the most widely known electricity providers.

Why Do You Need Certified Energy?


Understanding your energy choices can be a confusing and complex process. Maximizing savings and minimizing energy costs requires knowledge of commodity prices and trends, the ability to negotiate amongst several providers, and the understanding of different energy solutions. Not only does Certified Energy help customers during the bid process, but also audits bills to ensure actual costs match projected and helps customers when service issues arise. Certified Energy reduces the time and eliminates the frustration businesses and individuals have when choosing an energy provider. Are you trying to conserve and curtail power? Let our certified Energy Advisors recommend solutions to shed, shape, and shift load according to your needs.

How Can Certified Energy Help You?


We help individuals, organizations, and communities intelligently conserve energy and reduce their electricity and natural gas costs. Certified Energy provides customers the information, options, resources, and services to better their personal energy decisions. Our certified professionals help navigate the landscape of energy solutions and make sense of the multitude of energy choices. Through our three-step energy procurement process, Certified Energy finds the lowest rates for customers. Our propriety system aggregates and analyzes customer usage to discover the lowest possible rates. Contact Us today, take control of your energy bill, and let deregulation work for you.


Certified Energy is a proud member of TEPA, a self-regulating body aimed at standardizing processes and ensuring aggregators, brokers and consultants (A/B/C) maintain an acceptable level of market knowledge and responsibility while transacting in the marketplace.


Three Sugar Creek Center, Suite 100

Sugar Land, TX 77478

P: (888)-503-7773


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